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Tips for Building a Pole Barn

Constructing a pole barn is a relatively simple process that can be achieved by following the step-by-step instructions provided with your pole barn kit. A pole barn can be built by a few people using only a simple set of tools.

Before building your pole barn, you will need to obtain a permit from your local government for a small fee. You will need to provide a complete set of blueprints before obtaining the permit. Some building inspectors require a set of blueprints stamped by an engineer, which can be obtained from your pole barn supplier. You may also need to obtain electrical and plumbing permits.

You will need several tools to construct your pole barn. These are: a post hole digger or auger, hammer, saw, tape measure, metal snips, level, electric drill, chalk line, shovel, and ladder.

You will need to construct your pole barn on a level surface and prepare the site with a skid steer, measuring tape, and site markers. Mark the dimensions of your pole barn, including all the corners and doors, on the ground with spray paint.

Excavate the site to 6 inch grade and remove any extra soil. Mark the exact dimensions of your pole barn and where you will need to dig the post holes. The blueprints that have been provided will tell you where to dig and the proper depth and diameter.

The next step is to place your concrete footer or concrete material in the post holes. If you are using wet concrete, allow it to harden for the amount of time specified in the package. Insert one post in each hole, level, and brace it with the 2x4s that have been provided.

Place batter boards in the ground in each corner that you have marked on the ground four feet back. Stretch a string between the boards and make sure they form a perfect square to ensure proper alignment of your pole barn.

Nail the truss carriers around the perimeter of the pole barn and attach the 2x8 skirt boards on the bottom, making sure both are parallel to the lines of the walls. Next, nail the 2x4 girt boards around the walls, leaving room for the door. After you have installed the girt boards up the wall, nail a header over the door opening.

Place the engineered roof trusses every few feet and attach them to the truss carriers with hurricane ties. Connect the trusses with the horizontal 2.4 roof purlins, laying them every two feet parallel to the line of the wall. Brace the trusses on each end according to the blueprints.

Apply the condensation barrier to the roof of your pole barn, and then install any doors, windows, and trim. Install the metal roof and wall panels using the rubber grommet screws provided. Most metal will be cut to length, but you may need to cut the gables and door or window openings. Use metal snips to do this. Using an electric cutting device can create heat, which can lead to rust and void your warranty.

Install the inside foam closure strips on the roof when you place the roofing panels. Place the outside foam closure strips when you attach the metal ridge cap. Install all trim pieces according to the blueprints. If you are installing a cement floor, do it before you install the last gable and metal or doors on your pole barn.

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