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Insulating a Pole Barn for Winter

If you have a pole barn that you are planning to use as a workshop or as a shelter for animals, you will want to insulate it to protect yourself or your livestock from cold winter temperatures. Insulating a pole barn is a fairly simple task that can generally be completed in a day by one or two people.

Pole barns are built with vertical poles in the corners and poles spaced 16 feet apart on the sides. Concrete is poured around the poles to create the floor, and the roof is vaulted with doubled-up joists and open to the ceiling. Two-by-six studs are placed 24 inches apart between the poles, and aluminum siding is attached to the outside.

To insulate your pole barn against winter temperatures, buy rolls of 24-inch-wide blanket insulation. Roll out the insulation and cut it to the appropriate length. Stuff it into spaces between the poles and attach it to the studs using a staple gun.

You will need someone to help you insulate the ceiling of your pole barn. Stuff 24-inch-wide pieces of blanket insulation between the rafters and staple them in place as you did with the walls. If there are any smaller spaces, simply cut the blanket insulation to the necessary width.

The next step is to wrap the insulation with building wrap, nylon-reinforced plastic wrap with cords running through it for extra strength. You can roll out long pieces and run them all the way along the length of the walls and staple them to the studs. Overlap the sheets by one inch so that no cold air will be able to leak through. Do the same with the ceiling. Don't pull the building wrap too tight; the interior of your pole barn should resemble a pillow.

If you want to insulate your pole barn even more, you can cover the insulation with drywall or foam board. Place the pieces horizontally and screw them to the studs.

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