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June 12, 2017

Laying the Proper Foundation for a Pole Barn

The foundation for a pole barn is as important, if not more important, that the pole barn building itself! Without a strong foundation, your pole barn is sure to settle improperly and incur forces that will cause it damage.

After you have decided where to locate your pole barn, preferably a level dry area for best results, excavate and grade and compact to a specified level elevation. Again, make sure you are on hard ground. Backfilling in uneven spots may be required to make your foundation site completely level. DO NOT backfill with top soil. Backfilling with stone is a better method. Most importantly, NEVER place a pole barn on uneven ground.

Once you have compacted your subbase at your pole barn site, spread stone and be sure to compact in layers. Stones may be large or small with the larger stones on the first layer. 6” layers is recommended. If you desire a concrete floor, you will want to add an additional 4” of stone on your primary subbase. Compact! Compact! Compact! Again, compacting is your best defense against any settling that may occur.

Place up your wire meshing above your last layer of stone. With that, you are ready for the concrete…and for that, we recommend the professionals.

The quality and strength of a pole barn floor depends on the fill beneath it. For more information on when to build your foundation in the pole barn construction process, read this: http://www.thepolebarncompany.com/blog/pole-barn-foundations. We also suggest other types of pole barn foundations that you may be interested in at the same blog.

The Pole Barn Company makes recommendations for foundation preparation, but is not responsible for individual foundation problems.

For more information on our pole barn kits, visit The Pole Barn Company at www.thepolebarncompany.com or call us at 844-213-0034.

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